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Explore the vivacity of Andalucia with Saadi Halil as he captures the many worlds of flamenco: the music, dance and lifestyle. From inside the homes of Gitanos to clubs, festivals and the main stage, Soul Without Borders presents a documentary about the history and reality of Flamenco in 2014. With interviews, history, performances and translations of the heart wrenching and powerful art form, you will see it in an entirely new light.


Soul Without Borders presents "Fado Acontece" (Fado Happens) a documentary about the soulful and haunting traditional music of Lisbon. Saadi Halil sits down with some of the most well respected and internationally acclaimed Fado artists of today, spanning four generations. With the participation of: Celeste Rodrigues, José manuel Barretos, Rui Vieira Nery, Camané, Pedro de Castro, Pedro Moutinho, Ricardo Ribeiro, André Ramos, Cuca Roseta, and Teresinha Landeiro

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